NEW WaveShaper instruments for the U- and Super C-bands

The transmission spectrum in optical communications over transport networks continues to broaden to accommodate the growing demand for bandwidth. The new WaveShaper instruments from Coherent are capable of testing optical components and networking systems in the U- and Super C-bands.

  • The WaveShaper® 1000A/U and the WaveShaper® 4000A/U covering the U-Band up to 1651.3 nm. These instruments are of particular interest for research groups working on capacity increase of networks by adding new wavelength bands.
  • The WaveShaper® 500B/Super C-Band covering the entire range from 1523.53 nm to 1573.301 nm. This is a cost effective solution for research and manufacturing groups which need filtering of signals in the Super C-Band with arbitrary attenuation shapes.  

How do WaveShapers work?

The WaveShaper family is based on advanced Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology. As shown schematically in the figure below, the input signal is dispersed by a conventional grating before its spectral components hit the LCoS optical processor. This LCoS processor consists of a matrix of reflective liquid crystal elements. By applying voltages to these matrix elements, they can add individual phase shifts to the reflected signals which allows beam steering of the signal components hitting the LCoS processor. As the wavelengths are separated on the LCoS chip, the control of each wavelength is independent of all others and can be switched or filtered without interfering with other wavelengths. As a result, the structure offers spectral attenuation, dispersion and optical switching capabilities which are available in the WaveShaper family.

How can I see a unit in action?

For further information on our Test & Measurement equipment for optical communications please reach out to our team to schedule a demonstration; either virtually, or at our Kanata Test & Measurement lab


Can I try a WaveShaper now?

If you are really keen you can always view a Waveshaper that is based in one of Coherent’s many R&D Labs via this link