As new CMIS standards are developed and adopted, with a wide variety of small form factor (SFF) and CMIS specs available, CMIS testing becomes increasingly complex and time consuming. The MultiLane Nexus Analyzer is a direct response to this complexity, designed with speed and simplicity at its core. A CMIS/SFF debug tool for interoperability testing and CMIS/SFF failures, the Nexus Analyzer is equipped with a full feature sweep implemented in its GUI.

The Nexus Analyzer is used as a verification tool to validate the CMIS/SFF implementation, with a CMIS/SFF register sweep, state machine and data path state machine testing, I2C R/W commands and packet analysis, included in the product’s features.

Capable of running a full system debug in minutes, with pinpoint accuracy on interoperability issues from either the module or host side, the Nexus Analyzer acts as a dramatic accelerant to CMIS adoption across the industry. The product includes a port extender which connects low speed signals from the host to the plugged module while providing a probing interface at the same time. It also implements SI traces capable of 112G/lane, to connect the TX and RX paths from the host port to the plugged transceiver in the adapter.

Mating onto the adapter through a set of pin headers, the Analyzer gives access to the Nexus GUI with the capabilities to troubleshoot the interoperability between the system and the pluggable. Features include data path state machine testing, a full CMIS/SFF register sweep, I2C communication packets capturing and measurement of voltage and inrush current.

800G Analyzer Key Features:

  • Voltage sensor
  • ePPS signal validation
  • 1 MHz I2C
  • Probing interface for low-speed signals
  • External control for any low-speed signal:
    • INT/RST
    • LPW/PRS
    • SDA
    • SCL
  • LEDs for control/alarm signal status
  • USB port for PC connection to use GUI or API features
  • Available in all SFF/CMIS form factors

800G Adapter Key Features:
• SI traces and connector support 112G rates
• Support up to 30W modules
• Current and temperature sensor
• Module power ripples and inrush current measurement
• Detection of power spikes during module state transitions
• Probing interface for Vcc and GND pins
• External I2C
• Dip switch to choose low-speed signal source: internal/external
• Available in all SFF/CMIS form factors


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