VIDEO: CMIS Analyzer

As new CMIS standards are developed and adopted, with a wide variety of small form factor (SFF) and CMIS specs available, CMIS testing becomes increasingly complex and time consuming. The MultiLane Nexus Analyzer is a direct response to this complexity, designed with speed and simplicity at its core. A CMIS/SFF debug tool for interoperability testing and CMIS/SFF failures, the Nexus Analyzer is equipped with a full feature sweep implemented in its GUI.

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Instrumentation News – Coherent’s WaveShaper, WaveAnalyzer & WaveMaker

Below are some updates from Coherent, a leading provider of test and measurement instruments for optical communications technology, including solutions designed for the Super-C Band.

For further information, feel free to reach out to the Starvoy team to arrange a meeting at our Kanata Test & Measurement Lab, one of our other offices, or whilst we are visiting OFC (6th – 9th March 2023, San Diego).

Introducing WaveShaper® 1000B and 4000B covering the Super C-Band

Coherent introduces the WaveShaper 1000B and 4000B covering the Super C-Band. The 1000B has a 1×1 and the 4000B a 1×4 port configuration. Both units support arbitrary spectral filter shapes of attenuation and phase across the entire operating range from 1523.142 nm to 1573.301 nm. A minimum filter bandwidth of 10 GHz (FWHM) is available. When selecting the “High Resolution” mode – which applies a double pass configuration inside the instrument – the minimum bandwidth reduces to 8 GHz.

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