ams OSRAM – In-plane sensing in microLED displays

MicroLEDs are expected to bring about a step-change in the characteristics of displays deployed in the consumer and automotive electronics industries because of their valuable optical characteristics: they provide a much brighter, clearer image with much higher color accuracy as well as outstanding readability in bright sunlight. MicroLEDs are also very energy efficient.


These properties make them attractive components for displays in products ranging from small, super-high resolution AR/VR headsets, to watches, phones, laptops, tablets, and displays in cars. MicroLEDs can even be used in large displays such as TVs and monitors.

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Driving even faster Datacom

See why the rapid growth in AI/ML is driving a demand for faster datacom enabled by innovative Coherent solutions.


Starvoy Technologies reprents Coherent across Canada – feel free to contact us for further information. Blog post & image from Coherent.


Coherent has been a leader in datacom solutions for decades. From their viewpoint, AI isn’t new, in the sense that the optical connectivity solutions are the same as those used in mainstream networking It’s just been getting more attention recently due to the hyperscale data centers deploying massive machine learning networks, and the expectation that increasing trends in AI-powered consumer apps will drive further cloud expansion.

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