New from Coilcraft – XGL3014

Coilcraft’s new ultra-low profile XGL3014 Series offers the lowest DC losses and extremely low AC losses for a wide range of DC-DC converters. This exceptional characteristic makes them an optimal choice for a variety of applications where space is limited and efficient power management is critical, including different non-isolated converter topologies, point-of-load (POL), IoT devices, and many other applications.

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New from Coilcraft – XGL1010

Coilcraft’s new XGL1010 molded power inductors offer their lowest DCR losses and extremely low power losses for a wide range of DC-DC converters.  Additional performance benefits include a wider range of inductance values and improved Irms current ratings.

  • Industry’s lowest DCR and low power losses
  • Wide inductance range up to 56 µH
  • High current handling with soft saturation characteristics
  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (–40°C to +125°C) with a 165°C max part temperature  
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