Performance for 40-400 Gb/s Optical Networks

The demand for more efficient, high-speed broadband connectivity is worldwide. TriQuint enables local access, very-short-reach, metro and long-haul optical networks with cost-effective means to increase bandwidth and speed. Our world class optical modulator drivers,TIAs,linear and dual-channel solutions lead the industry with the lowest power dissipation, higher performance and surface-mount assembly convenience. We provide wide-ranging transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) solutions through 400 Gb/s and beyond.

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Can picking an inductor for a DC-DC converter be fun?

By John Stellberg, Direct or of Marketing Communications Coilcraft. It is when you use the new ‘Power Inductor Finder’ tool on the Coilcraft website.

In less than a minute, you can find an inductor that’s perfect for your converter’s operating frequency, load and ripple current, the ambient temperature, available size, even your price target. Instantly compare core and winding losses and graph the L vs I curves of up to six different inductors.

When you’re done, have free evaluation samples sent to you with the click of a mouse. This is just one more in the impressive array of selector tools on the Coilcraft website. We make it incredibly easy to find the best products from Coilcraft’s huge array of high performance power and RF magnetics.


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To see how much fun finding an inductor can be … coilcraft/finder