Qorvo: How to Get Smaller, Smarter, More Reliable Power Management

In this industry, it can be easy to take power for granted. Easy, of course, until you don’t have it. Managing that vital resource is critical for systems to operate properly, and in a world that demands smaller, faster and smarter devices, it can be a real challenge. But what if a built-in power management device helped tackle that job? Qorvo’s Configurable Intelligent Power Solutions (ActiveCiPS™) devices help control, monitor and optimize power distribution and conversion in different systems with built-in intelligence and configurability.

In complex systems, or when a designer needs a more advanced or innovative power solution, it can be too expensive to use discrete components. Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) integrate multiple voltage regulators and control circuits into a single chip. Today’s PMICs are flexible, allowing users to update default settings like output voltages, sequencing, fault thresholds and other parameters. As a result, PMICs are used in many small devices such as wearables, hearables and IoT (Internet of Things) devices – all thanks to their small size, high efficiency and low power consumption. These tiny, high-performance PMICs maximize system efficiency and performance while providing design flexibility and lowering the bill-of-materials cost.

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