Loopbacks play an important role in the validation of next generation Data Center communication systems. They emulate the exact behavior of costlier optical transceivers and can be used to test the thermal and power loading characteristics of a system. In addition, they can be used to validate the signal integrity of host ports and test for CMIS compliance and interoperability.

System developers and hyperscalers use these Loopbacks in large volumes and as a result the testability requirement of Loopbacks has arisen. More specifically, the connector of a Loopback deteriorates after a few hundred insertions or more, and MultiLane developed a quick and easy tool to check the signal integrity of the Loopback. In addition, the CMIS can be configured and tested, all in the same tester with easy-to-use software interface.

The ML4039-LBT is a fully automated 25G and 100G Loopback tester that validates the signal integrity and checks the CMIS content of SFP28 and QSFP28 Loopbacks. ML4039-LBT performs AC tests on all channels, such as: eye contour, bathtub and BER, and returns a simple pass/fail condition. The Loopback tester is developed for a system manufacturing and installation environment and comes in a ruggedized metal enclosure that houses the ML4039-BTP BERT, module compliance board, and cables. In addition, the ML4039-LBT identifies the module serial number and date code, and configures the MSA content (CMIS).