The MultiLane CFP-2 Development Kit

provides the necessary development tools and reference modules required for developing CFP-2 based products. This kit is essential for the development, test and characterization of CFP-2 based products. It can also be used for testing 100G CDRs, 100G Gearbox devices, 100G CFP-2 ports on routers and switches, electro-optical modules, and 4x25G active optical cables.

Complete CFP-2 Development Kit:

  • ML4027 4x25G Passive Host
  • ML4028 Breakout Module
  • ML4029 4x25G Retimed Loopback Module
  • ML4030 10x10G Passive Loopback Module
  • ML4042 10x10G Passive Host
  • ML4043 10x10G Retimed Loopback Module