IDT Wireless Power kit: Easing designer’s time to market

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. introduced wireless power kits plug-and-play, Qi-compliant transmitter and receiver reference kits to simplify designer integration. These two-layer boards use IDT’s wireless power IC solutions.

IDT is a leader in wireless power transmitter and receiver solutions for wireless charger applications, addressing all major standards and technologies with an extensive portfolio of standards-certified products. IDT has proven expertise in both magnetic induction and magnetic resonance technologies, and actively participates in the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA), and Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) as a board member.  The company has introduced a number of innovative  products that they claim as unique, including the first true single-chip transmitter, the highest-output-power single chip receiver, and the first dual-mode receiver IC compatible with both WPC and PMA standards.This choice of standards offers the designer a level of versatility not easily found in the industry.

In order to develop and integrate a robust wireless power design, designers need a certain level of expertise. That design prowess needs to be developed and takes time, especially in the broad market where companies run leaner with less engineers who need to learn expertise in different disciplines to design many varying types of circuits for their systems, which inherently  delays a product to market. IDT’s 5 Watt Wireless power reference design has the transmitter and receiver designs done with optimum PCB layout, minimum board space, extensive documentation, layout import files and as a bonus a Foreign Object Detection (FOD) tuning guide.

Designers will be able to more easily integrate Wireless power in systems such as PC peripherals, furniture, medical devices, and other portable devices still hindered by traditional contact-based charging bases or cables.